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Wake Me Up When the War Is Over

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Wake Me Up When the War Is Over

Published 1969
During the latter days of WW2 an American Lieutenant (Ken Berry), accidentally falls out of an airplane that he was on and falls into German territory. He is taken in by a Baroness (Eva Gabor). She is taken with him and doesn't want him to leave, so she doesn't tell him that the war has ended. So, for nearly five years he thinks that the war is still going on, and so when he leaves her estate he thinks that he has to do what he can to defeat the Germans, cause he can't find anyone who speaks English or is willing to tell him that the war is over

Run time 1:14:11
Producer Thomas/Spelling Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: skybandit - - March 22, 2012
Subject: Not PD
Valid notice about 11-12 minutes in.
Reviewer: Dark Moon - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 30, 2011
Subject: If you liked Green Acres...
Like other reviewers have said, it's in the same genre. I always thought that the comedy of Hogan's Heroes and Andy of Mayberry were just a little bit more intelligent, though, and the Dick Van Dyke Show was head and heels above the rest. No, this film strikes me as being squarely in the same "lowest common denominator" sort of slapstick comedy genre as Gilligan's Island and Green Acres (and in this film, Eva plays her role in exactly the same way as in GA), and I never much enjoyed either of those two. (In fact, the only thing missing from the film is a laugh track to tell the audience when something is funny.) I stuck it out until Ken Barry's character predictably tore out the seat of his pants while climbing over a barbed wire fence, and then bailed out.

Humour is a fickle thing though, and what hits me as just annoying may be hilarious to someone else. At least the film is reasonably well made and performed, for which I give it 3 stars.

Last note: I also agree that the neo-Nazi indoctrination scene was creepy, not to mention so far out of context that I didn't know how to take it. But the scene that got me most was where Eva's character is talking to the two US army staff (a colonel, played by Jim Backus, and a captain). She can see absolutely nothing wrong with having used every wile and subterfuge to have kept the man she loved, and shakes her head at their lack of understanding. They in turn haven't a hope of showing her the consequences of her actions. The look the two men share is priceless, and the conversation, timeless.
Reviewer: Freddie Jaye - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 31, 2008
Subject: what a fun little movie!
I've heard of this one for years, but never had a chance to see it until now. Great download! Sure, the plot is implausible -- but only if you insist on taking the film seriously. It's a slapsticky comedy, so view it in that frame of mind, and you'll forgive all lapses in logic.

Ken Berry plays the hapless soldier to perfection, and many other favorite sitcom stars...from the Dick Van Dyke Show, Green Acres,Barney Miller, Hogan's Heroes and others...pop up in various roles.

There are plenty of laughs in this one, although I agree that the neo-Nazi indoctrination was pretty creepy. Also prophetic, given the state of today's world.

So sit back, disengage your brain...and have a good time!
Reviewer: Enricoilsporco - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 20, 2008
Subject: Where were they hiding this little gem?
I can't understand why I never saw or even heard of this most amusing little comedy before.
It has a star-studded cast very familiar to older viewers, and is, on the whole, well-scripted and directed.
The hero, Roger, falls into a situation which many males would dream of, and there is a happy end to the satisfaction of all those involved.
A few points marr this movie slightly. Most importantly, that the bilingual situation could have been made more realistic at times with a few well-placed subtitles, though when the "Colonel Klink" character talks English above the floorboards, but is heard to repeat the same thing in German,unintelligible to Roger in his hideaway, that was OK. Also it is stretching the imagination that the post-war Germans would have kept their uniforms (and guns!) intact after the war, which they really didn't need anyway as Roger couldn't see them, and that they did not attract the attention of the local Polizei. Also, the idea of an old Nazi teaching war-mongering to tiny children in 1950 is rather unfunny and distasteful.
Reviewer: W. Lougee - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 1, 2008
Subject: A Real Laugh
For those of us who grew up on Green Acres, Mayberry RFD, Giligan's Island and Hogan's Heros, the movie is a delightful experience because it brings together many of my clasic TV friends. Not the best script, but the general plot is really quite funny. I enjoyed every minute of this one.
Reviewer: billbarstad - - December 5, 2007
Subject: Subtitles
No subtitles there now
Reviewer: RadioFreePeru - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 16, 2007
Subject: No subtitles on my copy
Weird- no Spanish or other subtitles on the copy (DivX) that I downloaded last night. Perhaps it's one of those mp4 thingies?
And where would be a good place for subtitles if any, besides on-screen? When off-screen, it's usually referred to as "Spanish (or other) audio"
Reviewer: Eva Vikstrom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 3, 2007
Subject: An American Soldier in Germany
We meet a dutiful, honest and handsome American soldier, one of those good and nice guys who fight in the WW 2 propaganda movies. He falls off a bomber similar to the bomber in "Combat America" (1945) and is taken care of by a German duchess. When the war is over she doesn't tell him, and he doesn't find out by himself - he understands English only. After almost five years the truth is revealed, a series of events occur and in the end he marries the maid. This is a low-voiced farce, joking with American patriotism and with European feodal traditions as well.

Thanks for uploading this charming movie. I hope that someday they'll make movies like this one about the war in Iraq.
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